José Luis López Galván  (b. 1985, Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico) - Dinner Without Salman     Paintings: Oil                                   


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f r e s h ✰ m o d e r n
"What did Time smell like? Like dust and clocks and people. And if you wondered what Time sounded like, it sounded like water running in a dark cave and voices crying and dirt dropping down upon hollow box lids, and rain. And, going further, what did Time look like? Time looked like snow dropping silently into a black room or it looked like a silent film in an ancient theater, one hundred billion faces falling like those New Year balloons, down and down into nothing."
— Ray Bradbury, The Martian Chronicles (via feellng)

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Jason Domogalla


Fiji fly over 
2014 Fiji Pro May 25 - June 13
Video | aspworldtour

"… what are we?"

From Lifeguard Station 26 / #15, 1999by John Humble